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Gala Dalí Castle House-Museum
The Gala-Dalí Castle in Púbol is a medieval building where Salvador Dalí’s enormous creative efforts were focused on a single person, his wife Gala, with the aim of providing her with a unique sanctuary and resting place. Between 1982 and 1984 the building underwent a remarkable transformation as Dali’s final...
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The Archaeological Museum of Catalonia - Ullastret
The monographic museum of Ullastret forms part of the Archaeology Museum of Catalonia. Its main objectives are to conserve, investigate and disseminate information about the Ancient Iberian Period, the remains of which are still well-preserved at the archaeological site of Ullastret. This former settlement is...
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The Museum of the Mediterranean
The Museum of the Mediterranean provides visitors with a participatory experience for both young and old. Discover the diversity of the Mediterranean region from a local perspective. It is somewhere where you can smell the scents of the Mediterranean, listen to its voices and find out about its history. The museum...
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The Fishing Museum
The Fishing Museum, in the heart of the fishing port of Palamós, shows the history of the elemental relationship between Man and the sea. The museum format is open, participatory and interpretative, enabling visitors to feel part of a story that centres on fish and fishing, one which will leave them with a new way...
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The Cork Museum
The Cork Museum is located in the centre of Palafrugell, and centres on the history, heritage and the lands linked to the Catalan cork industry. The first museum exhibit is the building itself, which is a factory in a Moderniste (Catalan Art Nouveau) design. The building comprises numerous exhibition areas,...
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The Terracotta Ceramics Museum in la Bisbal
The town of La Bisbal has long been associated with pottery and ceramics in all its forms. A manufacturing tradition that spans centuries has left behind a significant wealth of tangible heritage. The Terracotta Museum alone boasts over 8,000 exhibits, among them tools and equipment used in the production of...
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