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Our district has been inhabited since prehistoric times, with significant findings in the caves of the Montgrķ massif and the important megalithic complex conserved in the Gavarres and the Cadiretes massif. The Romans left many imprints of their presence here, as they did throughout their empire. There are few...
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The Baix Empordą is an excellent place for discovering megalithic monuments set in very beautiful spots of the Gavarres and L’Ardenya hills, where Romanesque architecture is also present. The latter style can also be found in other buildings in the region. But the most powerful imprint is that of Gothic...
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The Baix Empordą region provides a wide variety of museums and collections that will allow visitors to delve into the area’s history, its culinary arts and its culture. This wealth of heritage covers a range of topics, including fishing, farming, ceramics, painting, sculpture and photography, to name but a few....
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The Baix Empordą is a district with a long musical tradition. The main towns have music schools which form one of the bases of this musical evolution. This fact has fostered the proliferation of important musical groups in all styles: havaneres, cobles, rock and ska groups, choirs, and so on. The large...
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Popular events
The festivities of the Baix Empordą are intense, dynamic and exhausting! There is something happening all year round: in summer most of the main annual festivals, and throughout the year the lesser festivities; there are also religious festivities, local or thematic events, such as agricultural shows, Carnival or...
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The Baix Empordą has long been a home for personalities in various fields, whether born here or arriving from outside, who have felt the powerful attraction of the region and made it their place of residence and, in many cases, a theme of their artistic creations. There have been many such personalities, more or...
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Markets and fairs
  Traditionally, our villages and towns hold weekly markets. In the past these were very important, because they were the place where farmers exchanged their surplus produce and shopkeepers and craftsmen sold their wares. They were the major focal point of economic movement, because apart from everyday trade,...
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For many years now the Baix Empordą has been the ideal setting in which to give free rein to the popular imagination and make the characteristic features of the district, such as its fortified castles, the damper parts of the plain or the strong tramuntana wind, into the main characters of legends and popular tales...
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Catalonia is a land of ancient traditions and deep-rooted customs. Historically speaking, the Baix Empordą is one of the richest districts of this small country, and also one of the areas that have best conserved their traditional customs, which are still maintained by a large proportion of the population. We...
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