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The Baix Empordà is an excellent place for discovering megalithic monuments set in very beautiful spots of the Gavarres and L’Ardenya hills, where Romanesque architecture is also present. The latter style can also be found in other buildings in the region.

But the most powerful imprint is that of Gothic architecture, in castles, walled towns and villages, churches, and so on. The conservation of our urban nuclei and their agricultural character has contributed to conserving, in turn, fine examples of our popular culture: the farmhouses and the fishing villages.

While Renaissance and Baroque architecture have little presence in our landscape in general, there are many interesting examples of Modernism, in factories, in the houses and buildings of the indianos, or in the casinos (the cafés that have traditionally served as social centres).

Since one of the goals of our municipal councils is the rehabilitation and conservation of our heritage, the architecture of the 20th century is more present in private than public works.

The architectural heritage of a country is the fruit of history and also of chance. In this way, you will see how the most stable historical periods have left their powerful footprint while other times have, in architectural terms, passed relatively unnoticed. But what we must clearly understand is that this heritage must be conserved, protected and cared for because it forms part of our past.

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